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Elizabeth was raised in what is now the Shermantown neighborhood of North Kingstown, Rhode Island, called King's Town at the time. Her husband Benjamin's family also lived there, but several miles to the east in the Saunderstown neighborhood near Narragansett Bay. At some point Benjamin had a homestead next to the Sweets, but I haven't found a deed for when he bought it. It's tempting to say it was before he married, and he and Elizabeth met as next-door neighbors. Her father surely mentions Elizabeth in his will, but the only version know is in the transcribed and bound records, which burned in an 1870 fire. After referring to daughter Mary Shearman, and in a section that clearly was for bequests to his daughters, the remaining visible part part of the page says "To the Representit....," which is standard language when referring to a deceased child in a will or probate. His daughter Margaret had died by then. Elizabeth must be mentioned at the bottom of the page or the top of the next. He says that his daughters were given "money & goods" before his death.
     Benjamin, Elizabeth their children moved to Cornwallis Township in Nova Scotia between about 1761 and 1765. The last reference I've found to Elizabeth is when she released her dower right to a piece of land Benjamin sold on 4 September 1775.1 The deed record (as transcribed) says the deed was signed on the 4th, Benjamin was paid on the 4th, but Elizabeth made her release on the 2nd, which is likely a clerical error. She had died by the time Benjamin wrote his will, coincidentally, on 4 September 1777, since he only mentions his children and grandchildren.2

children of Elizabeth Sweet and Benjamin Congdon:3

Elizabeth b. 28 May 172- (record damaged, year unknown but abt. 1726)
Margaret b. 6 November 172- (record damaged, year unknown but abt. 1728)
Benjamin b. 28 November 173- (record damaged, year unknown but prob. 1730, since he was likely the Benjamin who married Sarah Chase in 1748)
son, prob. Joseph b. 11 April 173- (record damaged, year unknown but abt. 1732)
child b. 17 July ----
child b. 3 October ----
Frances b. abt 1737/38
daughter b. prob. abt. 1741, d. December 1741
son b. prob. abt. 1742/43, d. 3 February 1743 (record not double-dated)
son b. prob. abt. 1745, d. 17 April 1746

vital records sources: her birth on 22 Feb 1700 is recorded in a family group in James Arnold's Vital Records of Rhode Island, 1636-1850, vol. 5 (Providence:1894), 102. Her birth was in the overlap of the Julian and Gregorian calendar years, the latter of which had been partially adopted in England and its colonies. The Julian year ended mid March, the Gregorian (which we use now) the end of December. Contemporary records sometimes double dated the year to clarify which one it was, but this record isn't. Another record of her birth is in the same source, p. 66, as the wife of Benjamin and mother of her children, which says 20 February 1701. This shows that the record made with her siblings was a Julian date, also called "Old Style." If it had been double dated, it would have appeared as 22 Feb 1700/01. However, although it was 1701 on the Gregorian calendar, the latter wasn't fully adopted in the American colonies until 1752, at which time the calendar jumped 11 days forward. So, on the currently used calendar, her birth was on either 3 or 5 March 1701, depending on which record was correct.

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