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Nothing is known of Louisa other than the basic facts of her life. She moved, most likely with her mother and several siblings, from Weathersfield, Vermont, to Utica, New York. John Cunningham was living in Richfield, New York, when they married, but they aren't close towns and there is no evidence to suggest how they met. Louisa lived in Richfield and probably died there of unknown causes when she was fify. The family was probably preparing to move or had just moved, John having bought a new house and farm in New Hartford just before she died. This suggests her death was sudden.

St. Luke's Episcopal Church, where the Cunninghams worshipped in Richfield

Louisa is memorialized on two stones: left, where she is buried in Richfield, NY; right, where her husband, sister and several children are buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Utica, NY

children of Louisa White and John Cunningham:

i. John W(illiam?). b. March 1813, d. 2 November 1838, m. Almira (he was probably the William who witnessed one of his father's deeds in 1834, although he was more likely to have been John White Cunningham, named for his grandfather. There is no evidence of a son William in this family or a William Cunningham in the Richfield area)
ii. Louisa b. 30 December? 1814, m. Daniel Cogswell Balis
iii. Julia Ann b. 1816-1817, d. 5 March 1906
iv. David Beal b. 4 July 1819
v. Susan Helen, b. 11 August 1821, d. 15 August 1832
vi. Jonathan T(homas?), b. abt 1823, m. Emily E. Brown
vii. Olive Cornelia b. 1825-1826, d. 18 July 1848, m. Thomas H. Edson
viii. Sarah b. October 1827, d. 4 January 1839
ix. Marion b. 1829-1830, d. 20 July 1908, m. Edward Field Hobart
x. Helen Susan Mar b. January 1833, d. 3 June 1838
xi. Susan Helen Mar b. January 1833, d. 3 April 1922 m. Joseph Farmer Rood

vital records sources:


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