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Desire's gravestone in Acushnet Cemetery, with remains of a vandal's spraypainting

children of Desire Blackwell and Cornelius Jenne:(2)

i. Cornelius b. 3 November 1697
ii. Sarah b. 28 May 1699
iii. Reliance b. 1 April 1701
iv. Ignatious b. 6 February 1702/1703
v. Mary b. 20 April 1705
vi. Caleb b. 20 June 1709
vii. Ruth b. 5 September 1711
viii. Samuel b. 30 March 1714
ix. Elizabeth b. 16 June 1716
x. Nathaniel b. 30 October 1720
xi. Pernel b. 1 September 1722

Desire's birth date comes from the Sandwich, MA, vital records. That she married Cornelius Jenne is widely stated, but the evidence that likely exists hasn't been seen. Her death is found in the Dartmouth, MA, vital records, citing her gravestone.

1. Dartmouth, MA, vital records.

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