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Samuel was in Salem, Massachusetts, by 1638. On the 23rd of April of that year he was granted an acre of land that was exchanged for 5 acres "on the Forest River side." He and his wife had moved to the Bass River part of Salem (later the town of Beverly) by 5 April 1639/1640, when they were later admitted to the First Parish Unitarian Church there. Samuel is on the Beverly freemen list of 2 June 1641. He was granted an acre of land in 1641 for growing hemp. After Rev. Hale was selected for the new town, Samuel was one of two men charged with collecting a rate from the townspeople in 1668 to pay his £70 salary. (401)He was chosen a selectman on 18 December 1669, but was replaced the following February.Municipal Documents of the City of Beverly, Massachusetts (Beverly:1896), 395, 399 (Beverly town meeting records of 18 December 1669 and 22 February 1670) In April of that year he agreed to be on a committee to formalize the bounds between Beverly and Wenham. (29 Apr, 396) In june he was chosen to "keep an ordinary." (2 June) A meeting on 21 August he was chosen an "assistant" with other selectmen. (397) He's list among the selectmen as "Ensigne Corning" when it was decreed that all men legally notified should be at the laying of the sill for the new meeting house, called "graunseled" (groundsel, ground sell, ground sill).(19 Sep, 397) Samuel died without a will. His estate papers, probated on 3 December 1694, call him an ensign and yoeman.(4)

on 17 March 1671, Samuel and Richard Brackenbury were given the right to build pews in the new meeting house "at the north end of the pulpitt." (402) He agreed to exchange a piece of land near the meeting house and a highway "lyinge on teh backside of the 20 acres of land which he bought of Osmund Trask which was Jonathan Porter's," he was give land between Capt. Thomas Lothrop's meadow and Samuel's farm.


children of Samuel and Elizabeth Corning(5):

i. Remember bap. 3 May 1639/1640
ii. Samuel
iii. Elizabeth bap. 4 June 1643

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