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     Samuel was in Salem, Massachusetts, by 1638. On the 23rd of April of that year he was granted an acre of land that was exchanged for 5 acres "on the Forest River side." He and his wife had moved to the Bass River part of Salem (later the town of Beverly) by 5 April 1639/1640, when they were later admitted to the First Parish Unitarian Church there. Samuel is on the Beverly freemen list of 2 June 1641. He was granted an acre of land in 1641 for growing hemp. Samuel died without a will. His estate papers, probated on 3 December 1694, call him an ensign and yoeman.(4)

children of Samuel and Elizabeth Corning(5):

i. Remember bap. 3 May 1639/1640
ii. Samuel
iii. Elizabeth bap. 4 June 1643

4. Essex County Probate file #6381.

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