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Daniel is a relative enigma, especially compared to his prominent brother, Brig. Gen. John Glover. This page will eventually include more biographical details, but for now some of his history as a ship's captain will be given. By June 1764, when he was 29, he succeeded Capt. Richard Stacey as master of the brigantine Benjamin.1 The ship was probably owned, or co-owned, by his brother Jonathan and Capt. Stacey. Glover brought the ship into Savannah on 24 June of that year.1 He left on 19 August, destined for Barbados.1 In March 1765 he was in Boston and headed for Bilboa, Portugal.1 These years predate available Salem newspapers, so notices of his trips are spottily found in what papers do exist from other ports.

Extant issues of The Essex Gazette start in 1768, and in October of that year Daniel is in a notice as captain of a family-owned schooner named Three Brothers, the brothers presumably being Jonathan, John and Daniel Glover. He had arrived home in the last week of October from Cadiz, Spain.1 He was prepared to leave again in mid-December for South Carolina.1 In early April 1769 he returned from that place, most likely from the port Charleston.1 A few more notices in 1770 and 1771 have him arriving in Salem late in July in both years, from Alicante, Spain, in 1770 and Barbados in 1771.1 Later papers mention captains named Glover coming in and out of Salem, but if any were Daniel it isn't yet known. His brothers were also captains, and there were Glover cousins in that position as well.
     No information about Daniel and Hannah's deaths has been found. Daniel is in the 1790 Federal census for Marblehead, and Hannah is probably the widow Hannah who is in the 1800 census. No probate action was brought to court for either, suggesting they lived very modestly later in life.

children of Daniel Glover and Hannah Jillings:

i. Jonathan bap. 30 September 1759, died young
ii. Hannah, bap. 27 June 1762
iii. Tabitha, bap. 10 February 1765

vital records sources: Daniel's baptism is in Vital records of Salem, Massachusetts to the End of the Year 1849, Vol. 1 (Salem, MA: The Essex Institute, 1916), 358. His marriage is recorded in Vital Records of Marblehead, Massachusetts, to the End of the Year 1849 Vol. 2 (Salem, MA: The Essex Institute, 1904), 170, "at Newbury." It also appears in the published Newbury vital records. He appears in the 1790 US census but not that for 1800, in which his widow probably appears.

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