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elizabeth howe

Elizabeth signed an agreement among the heirs of her father

     There is no known record of Elizabeth's marriage to Jonas Bartlett, who was 15 years her senior, but she was "Elizabeth Bartlet" in her father's will and she and Jonas signed an agreement among his heirs. She is buried beside her husband in the former Unitarian Church Cemetery, Northborough.

Elizabeth's broken stone in Nortborough

Jonas and Elizabeth's plot

children of Elizabeth How and Jonas Bartlett:(1)

i. Elizabeth b. 6 January (Marlb.) or 27 December (Northb.) 1765, died young
ii. Elizabeth b. 6 January (M) or 6 June (N) 1768, died young
iii. Jonas b. 21 February 1771, m. Thankful Fay
iv. Perley b. 14 October 1772
v. Joel b. 15 August 1776, m. Sukey Howe
vi. Patience b. 26 April 1778, m. Calvin Hastings
vii. Catharine b. 22 April (M) or 26 August (N) 1781, m. Jonas Clisbee
viii. Elizabeth b. 13 February (M) or 11 May (N) 1783, m. Solomon B. Clisbee, 1799

vital record sources: Elizabeth's birth date is from the Marlborough vital records and her death date is from the Northborough vital records.

1. Marlborough vital records.

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