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The first signature was made as a witness to his brother Isaac's will. The second was in his official capacity as a Justice of the Peace.
thomas howe

      Thomas was a colonel in the local militia, fighting in the Indian war at Lancaster. He is among the Marlborough men listed on the 18 April 1690 list of freeman of Massachusetts Bay Colony. He petitioned the Town of Lancaster for himself and his company to be paid for their services about 1704 after a severe attack on the town in July of that year (ancestor Nathaniel Wilder was killed in that attack). At Marlborough he was a selectmen, Town Treasurer, Town Clerk and a Justice of the Peace. In 1700 and he represented the town at the colonial legislature (called the General Court) in Boston. As his father had, Thomas operated an inn. In his bond (license?) of 1696, are the rules and regulations of the colony expected at the time. For example, “…he shall not suffer or have any playing at cards, dice, tally, bowls, nine pins, billiards or any other unlawful game…nor any overnight guests other than family on Saturday night after dark, or on the Sabbath days nor have as lodgers any strangers more than 48 hours…nor wine to Indians, negroes or drinking or tippling after 9:00 at night nor entertain persons of jolly conversation or given to tippling…”

Thomas' gravestone in Spring Hill Cemetery, Marlborough, attributed to carver Nathaniel Lamson

children of Thomas and Sarah (Hosmer) How (Marlborough vital records):

i. Tabitha b. 29 May 1684
ii. James b. 22 June 1685
iii. Jonathan b. 23 July 1687
iv. Prudence b. 27 August 1689
v. Thomas b. 16 June 1692
vi. Sarah b. 16 August 1697

vital record sources: Thomas' birth is included in the Sudbury vital records, taken from a Middlesex County record. Howe Genealogies is apparently incorrect in giving the date as 22 July. His marriage and death dates come from the Marlborough vital records, also taken from county records. Sarah's last name is spelled "Osmer." Mary is "Mrs. Mary Baron," in the Marlborough record and "Barnes," no first name, in the county record.

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