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     David was a farmer on land his father bought at Canoe Hill, New Canaan. With David's marriage upcoming, his father sold him a parcel of land on 7 October 1735 on which David had already built a house.(1) He and Ruth joined the New Canaan Church on 26 June 1736/37. In 1772 the local minister, Rev. Drummond, took a door-to-door census of the town.(2) Apparently all provided information except “David Haite,” who “refuseth to give the names of his family.” His house is said to have been at the south end of Canoe Hill at the western corner of the fork of Canoe Hill Road and Carter Street and that the house is gone, but where this claim came from and why hasn't been found. There is a "D. Hoyt" at this corner on an 1850s map of Fairfield County, which obviously wasn't the same Hoyt. That house still stands and is an 18th century building. It is very reasonable to think that Daniel lived on Canoe Hill Road, but his house was on the east side of a street when he married. David, his brother Benajah and Thomas Fayerweather bought three-quarters of an acre with a stream running through it from Benjamin Gregory in March of 1738. (3) A sawmill was built on the property, and David bought Fairweather's interest in it in October of 1750.(4) This was in the Cheese Spring neighborhood of New Canaan. Daniel acquired more land in the area in the 1750's.
      There is no probate record for David, which is odd for a man with property. Usually there is administration granted and an inventory made. It is likely that a New Canaan Congregational Church record of a David Hoyt dying in October of 1789 is for the son of Caleb, but no age at death is given to help confirm this. If this was the same David, it is odd to read in the same record that he was buried in North Stamford. Although it is adjacent to New Canaan, there is no evidence that he lived there and his land was not near the border between the towns. As with all the other Hoyts in this line, not a single gravestone is visible for them in Norwalk or New Canaan, nor is there one for David in North Stamford. David Hoyt's book on the Hoyt family(5) gives the same date for David's death, perhaps taken from the church record, but it also gives a death date for his wife Ruth which appears in no other known records. Given that his heirs sold his land in May of 1790(6), it is reasonable to say he he died the previous Fall.

children of David and Ruth (Lockwood) Hoyt:

Isaac b. 28 September 1736
Timothy b. 27 May 1739
Ruth b. 3 February 1741
David b. 2 April 1744
Joseph? b. 5 October 1746 dy?
Mary b. 2 May 1748
Joseph b. 3 November 1750
Noah b. 3 November 1753
Caleb b. 28 November 1755
Ezekial b. 25 December 1758

vital records sources: David's birth date comes from the Norwalk town records as trancribed by Edwin Hall, . His marriage and presumed death dates come from an untitled typescript transcription of New Canaan Congregational Church records (death on p. 88, buried No. Stamford, no parents or age given). The Hoyt genealogy (see note # 5) gives both his and Ruth's death dates, the former agreeing with the church record and the latter appearing in no known primary source, suggesting that they were provided by family members (from a family Bible?) and are very likely credible.

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