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Ruth's mark on an heirs agreement after her father died

aaaAside from her birth, marriage, death and children's records, nothing personal about Ruth is known other than that she joined the New Canaan Congregational Church with her husband on 26 June 1736.

Children of Ruth Lockwood and David Hoyt (taken from the Hoyt genealogy, see vitals sources below):

i. Isaac b. 28 September 1736
ii. Timothy b. 27 May 1739
iii. Ruth b. 3 February 1741
iv. David b. 2 April 1744
v. Joseph? b. 5 October 1746 dy?
vi. Mary b. 2 May 1748
vii. Joseph b. 3 November 1750
viii. Noah b. 3 November 1753
ix. Caleb b. 28 November 1755
x. Ezekial b. 25 December 1758

vital records sources: Ruth's birth and marriage records are found in the Norwalk town records as transcribed by Edwin Hall, Ancient Historical Records of Norwalk etc., (1847). Her date of death is published in David W. Hoyt's A Genealogical History of the Hoyt, Haight, and Hight Families, (Boston:1871) and was likely provided by a family member, given that it appears in no known primary sources.

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