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Barbara and her mother

.....Barbara was born in West Dunnet, known as the "West Side," and was undoubtedly named for her grandmothers Barbara Brotchie and Catherine Clark. She and her family moved to Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands when she was about 2. They lived first on Bridge St., where her father died shortly after the move, and then moved to "Seatter," a small cottage? on the outskirts of town. When she was 19, she had her first child at Newhall Cottage, also on the outskirts of town on Berstane Rd.

1880 Ordinance Survey map

She wasn't married and didn't say in the baby's birth registration who the father was. She called herself a baker's assistant. This may be how she came into contact with the Garden family. R. Garden Ltd. was a provider of groceries and provisions throughout the Orkney Islands, including baked goods. In 1903, she married William Garden, a son of the head of the company. This was an unexpected match, given that the Gardens were the primary merchants of the Orkney Islands. She had 9 more children with William and may have died from complications giving birth to the last of them in 1915. Her death registration says she died after 4 days of acute peritonitis, which is inflammation of tissues in the abdomen. She died at Quoys in the Evie and Rendell district - a location that is well beyond Kirkwall and has no known family connection. The family's regular residence was at 17 East St., Kirkwall.

child of Barbara Catherine Sinclair:

Alfred Edward, 26 October 1896

children of Barbara Catherine Sinclair and William John Garden:

William John?
James Dunnet

vital records sources: Barbara's birth, marriage and death are recorded in civil registrations in Dunnet and Kirkwall.

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