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Given the date of this photo (probably late 1870s) and his resemblance to Alfred "Pop" Sinclair, this is probably Peter.

.....Where and when Peter was born hasn't been found. The earliest record of him found is his marriage. He was 22 and living in Washington, England, where he worked as a "slagman" at a blast furnace. The furnace probably made steel, and slagmen took care of the waste products (slag) that were left-over after the smelting process. How the marriage with Jacobina Dunnet came about is a mystery. She was 15 years older (although her age on their marriage registration is considerably less) and lived quite far away, relatively speaking, on the northernmost coast of mainland Scotland. They were married at 14 Breadalbane Terrace in Edinburgh by Rev. James MacGregor. William Dunnet was a witness and was surely Jacobina's brother. A William Dunnet, undoubtedly the same, lived in Kirkwall by the time Peter died, and reported his death to the local authorities.
.....Peter and "Bennie," as Jacobina was called, moved to her home town, where Peter found work as a hotel waiter. The area of Dunnet was not a likely place for a hotel with waiters, suggesting Peter may have commuted to Kirkwall. Their daughter Barbara was born in West Dunnet and the family then moved to Kirkwall by 1879. Shortly after their second child, James, was born, Peter died of "general lymphatic disease," probably cancer, which he had for 3 months, as well as enlargement of the liver (which he had for 1 month), "general anasarca" (fluidal swelling, which he also had for 1 month) and obstruction of the bowels, as reported by Dr. John Bruce. He is buried next to Jacobina in the cemetery next to St. Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall.

children of Peter Clark and Jacobina (Dunnet) Sinclair:

Barbara Catherine, b. 29 March 1877
James William, b. 15 March 1879, d. 26 June 1882

vital records sources: Peter's marriage and death are recorded in civil registrations for Edinburgh and Kirkwall. He also has a gravestone in the St. Magnus Cathedral kirkyard.

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