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     There is no proven connection between John and Josiah White of Rockingham, Vermont. Josiah's son was born in Leominster, Massachusetts, in 1741 and Josiah White moved from Leominster to Charlestown, New Hampshire, then across the river to Rockingham. He was in Charlestown by the time John of Claremont married. There is good evidence that Lois Shafter was put out to work at a young age. Richmond and Charlestown are not far apart, and Josiah, who appears to have had the means to support a child and servant, may have taken in Lois, and this may be how John and Lois met. Claremont and Richmond are not near each other, and it is very unlikely John and Lois would have met without a mediary circumstance. No record has been found to definately make John the son of Josiah the same as John of Claremont, however. John, son of Josiah, would have been 32 if he married Lois Shafter. This may not have bee his first marriage. Josiah settled in Rockingham along with most of his children. His son Abijah moved to Weathersfield and served in the same Revolutionary regiment as John. More records in New Hampshire and Vermont need to be consulted to hopefully add more to this theory.

There was a John White who had a tavern in Claremont, no date known, succeeded by John Newell, who moved to Weathersfield. Maybe the two men were being confused here. John White of Weathersfield supposedly had a mill there in the north of the town. By a description of its location, it was near the border with Springfield? Isaac Fisher of Charlestown is said to have bought a grist mill from John White in Springfield in 1806. (History of the Town of Springfield) That John White supposedly came from Grafton, Massachusetts, to Springfield in 1803. John of Weathersfield doesn't appear in any of the town records. An account of Josiah's living descendants at the time he died in 1809 includes his son John and the number and gender of his children. This closely matches the family of John and Lois. When Lois moved to Utica, New York, perhaps about 1813, with her two maiden daughters and son John, Jr., she was a widow.

children of John and Lois (Shafter) White:

i. Esther Mellen, b. abt 1774
ii. Hannah, b. 20 June 1778
iii. John A., b. abt 1779
iv. James S(hafter?), b. abt 1781
v. Prudence, b. abt 1783
vi. daughter, b. abt 1785
vii. Olive, b. abt 1787
viii. Louisa
ix. Susan

vital records sources: John's birth date (if he was the son of Josiah) comes from the Leominster, MA, vital records. His marriage comes from the records of Rev, James Wellman of Cornish, NH, published in The New England Historic Genealogical Register, vol. 72, p. 245. To be researched: deed records in VT. Son John was still in Weathersfield in 1801 when he married.

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