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Thomas lived in the part of Lancaster that was incorporated as the separate town of Leominster on 23 June 1740. After Thomas and Sarah's son Abel was born in February 1754, the family moved to New Salem, Massachusetts. Thomas, of New Salem bought land there in June of that year.1 Thomas and Sarah were members of the First Church of New Salem when a list was made of current members on 10 March 1761.2 An account book of Samuel Pierce, which I haven't seen, is said to mention Sarah being paid for keeping a school.3
     For the second time, the Whites felt the need to move again. Thomas is said to have sold land in New Salem in 1766, but I didn't find that deed in any of the pertinent general or volume specific indexes. It's assumed that they then went to Putney, Vermont, but five of the children were married in in Westmoreland or to Westmoreland residents between 1769 and 1774, making it likely they moved there first. Thomas' first recorded purchase of land in Putney was in March 1773, and that was their last move.4
     On a memorial obelisk in East Putney Cemetery, put up by a grandson named Thomas White, Sarah is said to have died in 1784. This is plausibe since Thomas married Apphia (Kent) Gilson about October 1785.5 It also says she was 85, which should be 75, and that the family came to Putney in 1760, neither of which is correct. Thomas' death is said to have been in 1806 at age 87. The age is right, so this date is also plausible.

children of Thomas White and Sarah Broughton:

i. Thomas b. 4 September 1740
ii. Sarah b. 3 June 1742
iii. Copia (sometimes referred to as Sophia, but she was surely named for aunt Copia Broughton) b. 9 September 1744
iv. Joseph b. 7 June 1746
v. Patience b. 31 October 1747
vi. Lois b. 24 March 1750
vii. Eunice b. 2 May 1752
viii. Abel b. 27 July 1754
ix. Martha bap. 29 June 1756
x. John bap. 9 April 1758
xi. Josiah bap. 14 June 1761

vital records sources: Thomas' marriage date is recorded in the Lancaster, MA, vital records. His death year is on a memorial obelisk put up by one of his grandsons. It may be accurate, but it also inaccurately says they came to Putney in 1760 and that Sarah was 85 when she died.

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5. supposedly there is a record of intentions published at Putney for this couple on 16 October 1785. I couldn't confirm this in the town records available online.

Genealogy of the Descendants of John White of Wenham and Lancaster, Massachusetts

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