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Signature and mark of Ebenezer Redding and Mercy (Miller) Redding on an agreement among the heirs of John Miller in 1720.

The Middleborough town records and her gravestone say she died 31 March 1728 in the 43rd year of her age, meaning she was 42 and would turn 43 on her next birthday. This puts her birth between 28 March 1685 and 28 March 1686.

children of Mercy Miller and Ebenezer Reddin or Redding:1

i. William, b. 7 November 1706
ii. Mercy, b. 30 March 1708
iii. Hannah, b. 8 February 1709/10
iv. Ebenezer, b. 11 October 1713
v. Margaret, b. April 1716
vi. Moses, b. 8 October 1717
vii. John, b. August 1719
viii. Deborah, b. April 1722
ix. Lydia, b. July 1724
x. Thomas, b. 29 March 1727

vital records sources: Her death is on her gravestone in Cemetery on the Green, Middleborough, MA, "the wife of Ebenezer Reding" "in the 43rd year of her age," meaning she was 42 and would turn 43 between 31 March 1728 and 31 March 1729, and therefore born between 31 March 1685 and 31 March1686. This was early enough in the year that her birthday was more likely some time in 1685.

1. The births of their children are recorded in "Middleborough, Mass., Births, Marriages and Deaths," in The Mayflower Descendant, (1903) (William in Vol. 2, p. 105; Mercy, Hannah, Ebenezer in Vol. 3, p. 85; Margaret and those after her in Vol. 7, p. 241, not all have days of the month given). Confirmed in the original mss volume of records.

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