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Lois probably moved with her family to New Salem, Massachusetts, when she was about four. By the time she married, the family was probably in Westmoreland, New Hampshire, but Lois was back in Lancaster. It wasn't normal for young single women to move like this. There are no records that say Lois (White) Bartlett was the daughter of Thomas and Sarah, but the circumstances leave no doubt of it.1 Also odd is that Antipas lived in Northborough, which isn't close enough to Lancaster to suggest a reason they would have met. Lois may have returned to Lancaster to live with relatives. Her grandmother Eunice (Wilder) White was an elderly widow in Lancaster, and she may have been chosen to help her. She is called "Lois White, Jr." in her marriage banns, surely to distinguish her from another woman of that name who was born in 1747 and was likely not married.
     Lois died at the home of her grandson William Felton in Marlborough, according to his brother Cyrus, a family historian. She very likely was the woman over 45 who was living with Gill Bartlett in Northborough when the 1820 census was taken. No likely household for her has been found in 1830, but she was with William Felton (Jr.) in 1840. She was likely buried next to Antipas in Northborough, but she wasn't given a gravestone.

children of Lois White and Antipas Bartlett:

i. Lucy b. 5 March 1772
ii. Gill b. 15 October 1773
iii. Miriam b. abt 1776
iv. Sarah b. abt 1779
v. Jotham b. abt 1782
vi. Josiah b. 17 January 1784
vii. Lois b. 8 April 1785
viii. Hannah b. 31 May 1787, d. 1796
ix. Antipas b. 2 February 1790
x. Thirza b. 6 June 1791

vital records sources: Lois' birth date comes from the Leominster vital records. Her marriage date is recorded in the Lancaster vital records. Her death is recorded in the Marlborough vital records, widow of Antipas, age 95 years, 18 days and born in Lancaster (from which Leominster was formed).

1. Her age at death puts her birth date 10 days away from that of Thomas and Sarah's daughter, and that may be due to a clerical error - she may have died on 10 April rather than 1 April. Also, one of her grandsons was named Edward Broughton Bartlett (Edward Broughton was one of Lois' grandfathers).

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